Recap: Shanghai BarCamp Fall 2012

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BarCamp! The (Un)conference for Tech Geeks and Startup Junkies!

BarCamp! What on earth is Barcamp?

To the uninitiated, BarCamp is seemingly related to alcohol, booze, and nightlife. However, do not be mislead! BarCamp is an ‘un-conference’, where talks and workshops originally focused on web and technology, but through the years has grown to encompass a slightly broader subject range around startups and entrepreneurship, which can include topics from design and hardware, to localization and startup hacks for businesses.

BarCamps sessions and workshops are open and user-generated, where attendees sign-up to share their expertise and experience in their technology/design/startup related fields. Un-conferences are known for being volunteer run, free to attend, and participatory in nature.

The name BarCamp is a playful allusion to the event’s origins, with reference to the programmer slang term, foobar: BarCamp arose as an open-to-the-public alternative to Foo Camp, which is an annual invitation-only participant-driven conference hosted by Tim O’Reilly.

Awesome! Tell me more!

BarCamp Shanghai Fall 2012 was the 9th BarCamp held in Shanghai, organized by yours truly, Techyizu (shameless plug!).

We had over 500 attendees and 35 sessions throughout a full-day schedule, with topics ranging from designing products for chimps (humans), making your own swarmbot, building a mobile app without knowing how to code, and how to be a Lean Sex (startup) Machine, to awesome insights on negotiation in the Chinese culture, and getting your MBA from (full list of talks and speakers below the fold).

If you want to view some of the videos of the Barcamp Fall 2012, you can see them here, courtesy of Vastcast.

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Thanks also for a write-up from Appconomist: Design Rules: Barcamp Shanghai Recap

BarCamp Shanghai (Fall) 2012 Photos

Pictures by Olivia and Duncan.
BarCamp Shanghai (Fall) 2012 Photos

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Shucks, I missed out! How do I catch the next BarCamp?

We’ll be running our next BarCamp in 2013, but we still have two more awesome events lined up before the close of 2012: Demo Day and a Hackathon.

Techyizu is also a volunteer run organization and we can always use extra hands on deck! Please do email us if you’d like to get involved in the behind-the-scenes action to bring more awesome events to the Shanghai tech and startup community!

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List of BarCamp Shanghai Fall 2012 Speakers and Topics:
  • Intelligent Commerce – Vikrant
  • How to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Website – Sting Chen
  • Product Design for Chimps – John Biesnecker
  • Technology with Humanity – Zeo San
  • Fish Poo Power: Urban Farming – David Li
  • From Drinks to Links – Green Drinks China
  • How about a Chat for DEAF Signers – Mischa
  • You present “Toast”. 1 Press Button 2 Toast – Victoria Bradbury
  • 流浪猫求助 – Freda
  • How Values Cahnges Business “Giving Up the Illusion of Control” – Nathan
  • Build Your Own Swarmbot – Xinchejian
  • Robot Wars, Rockets Xia – Xinchejian
  • Hackers in Space Gambit – Xinchejian
  • Turn Your Project into a Kit (Instantly) – Xinchejian
  • Placeholder – Matt Mayer
  • Base of Pyramid Business and Business Innovation – Maggie Che
  • Technology with Humanity – Ecoscan
  • Welcome to 1999 in the Mobile Ecosystem – Frank Yu
  • Social Glasses – Valentin
  • HR Nightmares and Social Media
  • How I Built My First App and I Still Can’t Program
  • How Taking a Job at LG in Shenzhen Changed my Life
  • 3D Printing – Stephanie Xu
  • Startup Simulation – Experience Startup in Half an Hour – Bob Zheng
  • 10 Tips to Make Sure You Fail Your Startup
  • Collaborative Publishing for Every Device – Jingsheng Wang
  • Lighting a Dark World: Group on Models for Solar Power in the Developing World – Yotam Ariel
  • My MBA is from
  • Micro Arduino Talk – Sunny Jr
  • Collaborative Publishing for Every Device – Jingsheng Wang
  • Persuasive City Future
  • How to Remember Everything – John Biesnecker
  • How Does The Understanding of Group Dynamics Help You Perform on a Team – Keeper Egelund
  • Negotiating in China
  • Lean Sex Machine – Steph Rymer

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