Lean Startup Machine 2012

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Date(s) - Fri, 29 Jun 12 - Sun, 01 Jul 12
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Lean Startup Machine is coming to Shanghai (June 29th – July 1st)

If you’re interested in watching the events, you can watch the livestream here:

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For General Public:


VENUE: People Squared – Demo Center
719 W.Yan An Rd. (Near Jiang Su Rd.)

08:30am – Doors open
09:00am – Welcome, sponsors
09:15am – Introduction to Lean Startup
10:00am – Keynote Speeches
11:00am – Case Studies
11:30am – Panel Discussion
12:15pm – Close

For Lean Startup Registered Participants:
View the Lean Startup Machine Event Schedule
Download a copy of the Lean Canvas
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What is Lean Startup?

Fundamentally, it is a set of ideas to help entrepreneurs avoid wasting energy and to systematically build successful businesses.

The methodology empowers startups with an evidence driven approach to build a product that people want. In Lean Startup, the key is to learn quickly and to validate the hypotheses that are behind:
- your product
- your business model
- your engine of growth

The way to achieve that is to perform rapid prototyping (or creating a Minimum Viable Prodcut) and to test your assumptions with your customers early in the development process. Lean Startup emphasizes the fact that entrepreneurs need to “get out of the building” and get first-hand customer feedback to drive product iterations.

Only when you have hard data and evidence, can you decide if you should pivot or persevere.
Notable companies that are employing Lean Startup principles include Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Heroku, Dropbox,Twitter and Zynga.

What is Lean Startup Machine?

During the Lean Startup Machine, you will be introduced to Lean Startup concepts through workshops and mentorship. Participants will pitch business ideas, and work on validating that concept over the weekend. Teams will define their Minimal Viable Product (prototype), and “get out of the building” to talk to customers to test their assumptions.

The goal of the weekend is to understand the importance of having a customer-centric approach, and how to systematically evolve a product idea to solve a problem. At the end of the weekend, all of the teams will share their ideas and experiences using Lean Startup methodologies.

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Recap: Lean Startup Warmup 2012

Techyizu ran a “warmup” event on June 7 to begin sharing some of the concepts and methods behind Lean Startup.
Read more about Lean Startup ideas, view presentations, and view videos on Lean Startup.

Read about the Lean Startup Machine in other countries.



Bookings are closed for this event.

27 thoughts on “Lean Startup Machine 2012

    • Hi Marco,

      We will send out a mailer this week with more information on Lean Startup Machine,, including the list of mentors and registration information.



    • Hello,

      Lean Startup Machine Shanghai is currently full. However, you may apply for the wait list which is on this page.



  1. Hi I registered on 19/6 and got a “Thank you for applying”, but haven’t received any emails since. Should I expect a further email soon?



  2. Does that mean Sat June 30th, morning is open to the “General public?”. I would like to participate, though I only knew about this a few min ago.

    • Hi Raymond,

      You are welcome to attend the public Lean Startup session on Saturday morning! Unfortunately our Lean Startup Machine bootcamp is fully booked.

      To find out about future Techyizu events, please subscribe to our mailing list. The link is on our homepage.

  3. Hi there! Couple of friends are enrolled in the talk, and I would like to do it so. I checked the webpage and looks full. I am an Artificial Intelligence developer, working in two startups and I am really motivated to go to this talk due to my visit in Shanghai for a couple of weeks. If there is some way I can get an invitation, please let me know.


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