Lean Startup Machine 2012 《精益创业器》 2012

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Date(s) - Fri, 29 Jun 12 - Sun, 01 Jul 12
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Lean Startup Machine is coming to Shanghai (June 29th – July 1st)

If you’re interested in watching the events, you can watch the livestream here:

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For General Public:


VENUE: People Squared – Demo Center
719 W.Yan An Rd. (Near Jiang Su Rd.)

08:30am – Doors open
09:00am – Welcome, sponsors
09:15am – Introduction to Lean Startup
10:00am – Keynote Speeches
11:00am – Case Studies
11:30am – Panel Discussion
12:15pm – Close

For Lean Startup Registered Participants:
View the Lean Startup Machine Event Schedule
Download a copy of the Lean Canvas
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What is Lean Startup?

Fundamentally, it is a set of ideas to help entrepreneurs avoid wasting energy and to systematically build successful businesses.

The methodology empowers startups with an evidence driven approach to build a product that people want. In Lean Startup, the key is to learn quickly and to validate the hypotheses that are behind:
– your product
– your business model
– your engine of growth

The way to achieve that is to perform rapid prototyping (or creating a Minimum Viable Prodcut) and to test your assumptions with your customers early in the development process. Lean Startup emphasizes the fact that entrepreneurs need to “get out of the building” and get first-hand customer feedback to drive product iterations.

Only when you have hard data and evidence, can you decide if you should pivot or persevere.
Notable companies that are employing Lean Startup principles include Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Heroku, Dropbox,Twitter and Zynga.

What is Lean Startup Machine?

During the Lean Startup Machine, you will be introduced to Lean Startup concepts through workshops and mentorship. Participants will pitch business ideas, and work on validating that concept over the weekend. Teams will define their Minimal Viable Product (prototype), and “get out of the building” to talk to customers to test their assumptions.

The goal of the weekend is to understand the importance of having a customer-centric approach, and how to systematically evolve a product idea to solve a problem. At the end of the weekend, all of the teams will share their ideas and experiences using Lean Startup methodologies.

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Recap: Lean Startup Warmup 2012

Techyizu ran a “warmup” event on June 7 to begin sharing some of the concepts and methods behind Lean Startup.
Read more about Lean Startup ideas, view presentations, and view videos on Lean Startup.

Read about the Lean Startup Machine in other countries.


《精益创业器》即将来上海6月29日 – 7月1日!

If you’re interested in watching the events, you can watch the livestream here:

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地点:Demo Center: 延安西路719号(靠近江苏路)

08:30am – 开门
09:00am – 欢迎,赞助商
09:15am – 介绍精益创业
10:00am – 专业演讲
11:00am –案例介绍 
11:30am – 小组讨论
12:15pm – 公共活动结束

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Lean Startup 已经注册:
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请下载 Lean Canvas 文件

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精益的方式是要用科学的方法来创造和改进一个人们真正关心的产品。 这种做法背后的动力是-成功需要通过更快获得认知来验证你的假设:
– 你的产品
– 你的商业模式
– 你的增长引擎

实现这目标的方式是要让你的产品快速原型(或最小可行产品),并在早期发展时通过客户来验证你的学习 。在这过程中,这方式强烈要求创业家出门和客户交流来得到反馈,以助推动下一个迭代。


精益创业器周末期间,你将了解精益创业的概念来构建客户需要的产品 。通过讲习班和导师指导,一些特定的参与者将定义他们的最小可行产品(原型),然后“出门”去和客户交谈,以验证他们的MVP背后的假设。


如果你有兴趣了解更多关于精益创业的方法和精益创业器,Techyizu将在周四举办一个对众开放的精益创业预热 。该活动将于英语为主。
7:30pm start 开始
Location 地点: Transist 创思实验室, 长乐路1035号2楼 (乌鲁木齐路)

申请 《群故意企业器》

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